About Dr. Kelly

Health. Strength. Self-Love

Dr. Kelly is a mom to 4, a dentist, sports nutritionist, personal trainer,  pre and post natal exercise specialist, and diastasis recti specialist.  She lives in Colorado with her husband and four kids.  She had her four children in a 5 year period and developed diastasis recti (abdominal separation) and an umbilical cord hernia.

My Program

How it All Started…

Dr. Kelly’s own journey towards healing her diastasis recti and getting her body back after having babies made her passionate about helping other women do the same.   After she had her 4th baby, she was frustrated that her doctors and fitness professionals knew very little about diastasis recti.  She wanted to avoid surgery if she could.  Dr. Kelly spent two years researching and studying under two different women’s health physical therapists who are experts in the field of diastasis recti before creating her highly sought after Abs After Babies Program.


Why Abs After Babies?

Do you need someone to make nutrition and fitness EASY?  Do you want to know how to heal your diastasis recti?  Do you want a monthly home or gym workout program that has diastasis recti modifications so you know you are doing all you can to heal your DR?  Are you pregnant and want a core program that will minimize your chance of diastasis recti and make it easier for you to bounce back?  Or if you don’t have DR do you want a science based nutrition and monthly workout program that will yield great results without being extreme?  Than Abs After Babies is perfect for you!!

Amazing Kids

Fitness Programs



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