Monthly Membership Benefits

Get the results you want and make it easy with my monthly membership. Scroll down for pricing.



Do you need nutrition to be easy and simple? Let me teach you how to reach your goals by using portion sizes and nutrition timing.  You won’t have to count any calories.  OR Do you have more time?  Let me teach you how to count macros and calories to reach your goals.



You will have access to tons of Recipes to make nutrition Easy.  (includes vegetarian and vegan options)


Monthly Workouts

Home and gym workouts with video demonstrations of all exercises.  New workouts added every 4 weeks.  What sets my program apart is that I include diastasis recti modifications.  Prenatal modifications are also included.


10 Week Ab Program

Do you struggle to get your stomach flat after having babies? Do you have diastasis recti or abdominal separation? My 10 week ab program, Reclaiming Strength, is just what you need to get your abs back. You can purchase this program individually or it is included in the yearly membership. Learn more about this program


Prenatal Program

You will have access to prenatal core workouts for each trimester to help minimize diastasis recti, monthly home or gym workouts, and prenatal nutrition and recipes, when you sign up for the monthly membership.



You will become a part of the #babesquad. A community of babes supporting babes!!

Level Price  
Monthly Membership $7.99 per Month. Select
Reclaiming Strength $34.99 now. Select
Prenatal Program $19.99 now. Select